The Brand

One of the countries that is composed of creativity cross-sectioned with colorful culture is Indonesia: full of colours, full of stories, full of surprises.

Amanda Indah Lestari, the Creative Director of LEKAT, landmarks every collection as an invention that triumphs skills and stories. Embodying the meaning of LEKAT in Bahasa Indonesia; lastingly memorable, she has been creating, inventing and innovating with her distinctive style which draws upon the various aspects of Indonesia?s rich and diverse culture.

Koleksi #2, the collection for the second season of LEKAT, narrates the fortitude of Baduy traditional weavers to share the beauty of Indonesian culture that is manifested in every unique fabric motif that has never failed to tell stories of dream, determination and triumph.

Celebrating classiness with an edge, every collection of LEKAT for every season is another flair for fashion presentation that integrates traditional textiles into the modern designs that let men and women be comfortable while making a statement of elegance.

LEKAT is lasting, chic and iconic.

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